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Playmobil: the Movie (2019)

(Aust. Rating G)

Marla and Charlie are normal kids. Marla, 18, loves her little brother Charlie, 6. Then when they find out that their parents died in a car crash, they are distraught. 4 years later, Charlie runs away, and Marla finds him in a land of Playmobil. Then they get sucked into the land, and things get complicated. Charlie gets kidnapped, and Marla has to save him, accompanied by her newly made friends, Del, Rex Dasher, and many more.

Playmobil wasn’t great, but it was a really fun movie. It had those classic elements of fun, action, adventure, and bravery, but it wasn’t amazing. The music was probably the thing that stood out the most, aside from the weirdness (watch the pink hay people). The songs were pretty good, but definately ‘Give the People What They Want’ was the evilest song I have ever heard…

Another thing to look out for, is the characters knees. Playmobil figures don’t have knees, and when Marla first gets sucked into the land of Playmobil, she can’t walk, because she doesn’t have knees. But then suddenly she can walk, and not just because she has had practice, it’s because they suddenly have knees. I don’t get it.

I rate this movie three and a half buckets of popcorn.

Thank you to Anarchy PR for giving us the comp tickets 🙂


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